Here are a few success stories.


Client: Redwood / Mazda

Role: Lead creative / producer
Creative partner: The Progress Film Company
Brief: To create an emotive film to highlight the remarkable skill of Mazda's takumi craftsmen who work in the Tool and Die department.
Solution: Another difficult challenge. How to portray the skill and passion of engineers in a task that the public doesn't even know exists? This film had to link Mazda's design ethos, with its manufacturing facilities and show a common value between all Mazda employees. 
How successful was it? This piece was requested by a group of leading Mazda's marketing  executives. Upon seeing the final film they were delighted. It has been used by many Mazda markets online, in dealerships and repurposed for commercials.


Client: Redwood / Mazda

Role: Lead creative / producer
Creative partner: The Progress Film Company
Brief: To create a short, stylish film which showcases Mazda's Soul Red Crystal paint and explains the innovation behind this unique finish.
Solution: Watching paint dry. Perhaps not the most promising brief, but by digging deep into the stories behind the innovation, looking back into Mazda's history and forward to the future, this film 'paints' a portrait of an innovative company, with craftsmen at its heart
How successful was it? The film was highly praised by Mazda's marketing and Brand Style departments, has been used by numerous markets online and in social channels. It also led to further commissions.


Client: Redwood / Mazda
Role: Editor-in-chief
Brief: To create a global magazine for Mazda customers
Solution: Along with the team at Redwood Nik Berg has created a multiple-award-winning product which distils Mazda's brand values and provides readers with insight and entertainment.
How successful is it? Zoom-Zoom magazine is Mazda's biggest single CRM tool. Over 1.2 million Mazda customers receive each edition. A further 100k more view the magazine online, on mobile or on iPad editions that are produced for Mazda in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Zoom-Zoom magazine has won the Content Marketing Association's Best Automotive title no less than three times.



Client: Edition Digital
Role: Editorial lead / tone of voice guardian
Brief: To define the tone of voice for the relaunch of the Edition Digital publishing platform, write/edit all copy across the entire website, newsletters, investor information and Content Hub.
Solution: By getting to know the Edition Digital team, their personalities, capabilities and ambitions, it was clear that the company's ethos needed to be reflected in the tone of voice used across all its communication channels. English is not the team's first language and the need to explain some advanced web technology to the audience provided additional challenges. We settled upon a friendly, accessible tone of voice, that mirrored the Edition Digital unique approach, the boundless enthusiasm and dedication to an ever-advancing product.
How successful was it? Edition Digital is positioned as thought and technology leader in the digital publishing world. One whose technology is advanced but whose user experience is simple.

Mazda2 vs the wall of death

Client: Redwood / Mazda
Role: Lead creative / producer
Creative partner: Dumpling Productions / Demon Drome
Brief: To showcase the agility of the lightweight Mazda2 and to Defy Convention.
Solution: Defy Gravity. Taking Mazda's city car far out of its comfort zone and onto a vertical Wall of Death not only proved how nimble the Mazda2 is, but proved that Mazda was willing to challenge convention like no other car maker. Putting a modern car on this historic fairground attraction was a genuine world first and, until the very day it happened, nobody knew if it could even be done.
How successful was it? Over 1.2 million views and counting. Bronze Winner, 2012 Lovie Awards

The world's Fastest – ONE UNINVITED GUEST

Client: Redwood / Mazda Canada / Mazda USA
Role: Lead creative / producer
Creative partner: Dumpling Productions
Brief: To highlight the Mazda MX-5 Miata's Power Retractable Hard Top and increase brand awareness.
Solution: A race with a difference. The Mazda MX-5 can't compete with the likes of Lamborghini or Porsche in terms of speed on track. But there is one area where it is actually faster - and that's the operation of its folding roof, which takes just 12 seconds. In a line-up of exotic cars Mazda cheekily takes the advantage by making it rain before the green flag and 'trolling' its rivals.
How successful was it? Over three million views and counting and sparked a lengthy debate on social channels.

sebtoots goes 'carboarding'

Client: Redwood / Mazda Canada
Role: Lead creative / producer
Creative partner: Sayer Danforth
Brief: To create an entertaining film that would raise awareness of Mazda Canada's sponsorship of Canada Snowboard and, in particular, Olympic snowboarder Sebastien Toutant.
Solution: Create a whole new sport - a fusion of snowboarding and car racing. With SebToots behind the wheel and snowboards under the rear wheels of his Mazda3, a Montreal race track was the venue for the first ever 'carboarding' demonstration.

How successful was it? 40,000 views on Mazda Canada's YouTube channel, making it one of the most popular unpromoted films on the channel


Client: Redwood / Fiat UK
Role: Lead creative / producer
Creative partner: The Progress Film Company
Brief: To create a short film which highlights key product features of three models in the Fiat 500L range.
Solution: The festival season need never finish if you own a Fiat 500L. This film showed how each model would bring something unique to the party: the MPW (The Big One) would bring the camp gear, the Trekking (The Adventurous One) would bring the action and the Beats Edition (The Noisy One) would bring the entertainment. Three shorter product information films were also cut to highlight the key features of each vehicle.
How successful was it? The film was the lead piece in the Fiat Us! digital magazine. The films were also posted on Fiat UK's YouTube channel and promoted in social channels.